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After half a century (1972) experience and activities in manufacturing and machining of heavy and lightweight parts in various industries such as automobile, oil, gas and petrochemicals , The company Millang Sazan (private joint stock company) were established in Tehran in 2008 and It has started mass production of crankshafts for sedan vehicles.
By developing the specialist in designing and manufacturing CNC machines and launching mass production lines using the CNC machines, moreover collaborating in design and development of new components with research institutes such as IPCO and SAPCO, achievement of verification From Peugeot, could taking advantage of self-sufficiency of these industries and it has been an effective step towards the progress of the country’s industry.

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In 2008, Millang Sazan began mass production of crank shaft for sedan Peugeot automobiles in Iran. At the same time as achieving verification from Peugeot, recognized as one of the main suppliers of engine parts (600 pieces per day) in Irankhodro (IKCO).

In 2016, while the new EF7 engine was assembled, Millang Sazan bought and installed a new production line for the crankshaft made by both forging and casting.

Construction, repair and Grinding of heavy crankshafts for power generators and diesel engines, marine engines, steam and gas turbines up to 11,000 MM and 1500 mm in diameter, weighing 20 tons.

Cooperation with IPCO and SAPCO in providing prototype, design and manufacture of new engine cranks, Changes in design and manufacturing processes are part of the unique expertise of the company’s specialists.

Our Partners & Clients

Our Partners & Clients